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Will you “Answer the Call”?

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling has been doing more with less for several years. Recent budget cuts have impacted the Council’s ability to serve our community, and yet through the remarkable work of a small, focused and impassioned staff, this community service organization continues to provide exceptional resources on problem gambling, supports those impacted by problem gambling, and NEVER let’s the phone go unanswered! ¬†They need the support of our community! It is unfathomable to me that, as of this writing, only two individuals have contributed to this drive to keep the phone lines going. I can only guess that this is because the generous Las Vegas community does not know the need exists. Please consider a contribution to keep the phone line (a life line to many) alive!

Nevada legislature cut resources for problem gambling at a time when economic and social stressors may in fact be resulting in an escalated incidence of problem gambling. The Council has served the citizens of Nevada since 1984, offering training for casino workers, resources for families and problem gamblers, and training certified gambling specialists. They have done a remarkable job of trimming costs, streamlining programming and creatively continuing to do what they do…serving as an invaluable community resource for individuals and families in crisis.

State funds that are available have been directed to organizations that offer treatment. Understandably, when tough choices have to be made, the front line resource must be preserved. Still, the work of the Council must continue! Prevention, education, support for those in crisis must be available before individuals are impacted so severely that treatment is required. Educational materials, community outreach and a 24-hour hotline are essential to the health of our citizens. To be a part of the solution, please support the council with your tax-deductible financial contributions. Other ways to help include community advocacy through the Nevada Council’s Advocacy in Action program and volunteers are welcome!

Lanie’s Hope works closely with the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, advocating for those who suffer from a gambling problem by illuminating and humanizing the disease of compulsive gambling. Our mission is to assure that treatment is available and accessible to anyone impacted by problem gambling. The Council’s work is an essential component of continued progress. Don’t let the call go unanswered.


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