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Slot Machines to be added to Chicago Airport

April 29,2021

Chicago surprises with plan for slots in airports

The Biochemistry of a Hidden Addiction

April 2021

New researches show that compulsive gamblers do not suffer from problems in controlling impulses. It was found that gambling addicts have similar symptoms to people addicted to alcohol and drugs. In 2013, compulsive gambling was included in the category of substance-related disorder.

The Biochemistry of a Hidden Gambling Addiction

‘This is a mental health issue’: the devastating impact of problem gambling

July 30, 2019

According to the Australian Guardian “doctors should be asking patients about their gambling habits, just as they would ask about alcohol and drug use.”  The terminology may be different (pokies vs. casinos or slot parlors) but the idea is right on – medical professionals should to be asking the questions about gambling habits on patient intake forms.


April 9, 2019
Washington DC
Problem Gambling Advocacy Day

NCPG Advocacy on behalf of Military Results gains support from legislators

July 9, 2019


Rep. Susie Lee and 2020 Democratic presidential aspirant Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts unveiled legislation Tuesday designed to address the problem of gambling addiction among members of the armed forces.

“Our country must do more to help treat, prevent, and reduce gambling addiction among our servicemembers and veterans,” Lee, a Democrat, said in a release. “When it comes to addiction, our military is often the most vulnerable, and gambling is no exception.

Treatment Center renamed in honor of founder Dr. Robert Hunter

Las Vegas, NV June 26,2019

Dr. Rob Hunter is honored for his pioneering work  in the treatment of individuals with Gambling Disorder, in the renaming of the International Problem Gambling Center – now the Dr. Robert Hunter International Problem Gambling Center.  Offering hope, recovery and a way forward for thousands of people from all walks of life suffering from a gambling addiction, the Problem Gambling Center was officially dedicated and renamed to honor its founder, the late Dr. Robert Hunter, at a special event on June 26 Hunter left a legacy of treating more problem gamblers than anyone in the world.


Gambling Addiction in Teens

March 26, 2019

Researchers at the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health say free, casino-style online games may cause young people to develop gambling addictions later in life.


Gambling Addiction and Brain Function

Gambling Addiction and Brain Function

This is your brain on gambling

January 5, 2017

Those of us of a “certain age” no exactly what the phrase “This is your brain on gambling” means.  In the 70’s or 80’s  an anti-drug abuse commercial showed two eggs frying in a pan. The first – a perfectly formed fried egg had a voice over that said, “This is your brain.” Next scene – a fired egg broken open and scrambled with the popular catch phrase “This is your brain on drugs.”  Today, experts recognizing that gambling addiction is a brain condition (or mental illness) like other addictions. Research shows the compulsive gambler’s brain IS indeed different. .independent.ie/irish-news/health/gamblers-brain-activity-resembles-patterns-in-drug-addicts-research-shows-35338983.html

Is Fantasy Football Gambling?

April 21, 2016

Is Fantasy Football Gambling?The 2015-2016 Football Season has come and gone..and still the question comes up in daily news. Is Fantasy Football “Gambling?”  Does participation in fantasy sports pose a threat of potential Gambling Addiction? Maybe. Maybe not. I suppose the simple questions that apply to gambling addiction in general could be used as a litmus test for Fantasy Football league participation. It’s called the “Lie/Bet” screening and it asks two simple questions. Do you ever lie about the amount of time or money you expend to gamble? and Do you find you have to bet greater and greater amounts of money when you gamble? .




Gambling Expansion in California Reveals the Decline of Treatment for Problem Gambling
November 12, 2015

Excellent, in-depth article that details the decline of treatment options in California (and other states), even as government legislators continue to allow additional gambling expansion.  Although California has a multi-million dollar budget designated for treatment, education, and research of problem gambling, it is currently only focused in four of the largest cities.  Many states have encountered similar problems with lack of resources for treatment of problem gamblers, with some states only offering a website or hotline for assistance to problem gamblers.


Florida Lottery Direction To Be Determined By Four Different Bills
November 12, 2015

 Florida first approved a single lottery game, to be drawn once a week in 1986.  The state has since approved more than 75 games, with multiple days for drawings and prices ranging from $1 to $25 a ticket.  There are four bills pending in the Florida legislature that could mean new limits to the amount of games and if one bill passes, would allow gamblers to use credit cards to purchase lottery and scratch-off tickets.


Doubling Down On A Troubled Industry (Commentary)
November 10, 2015

Great commentary, and although the focus of the article regards a desire by legislators to expand gambling within Connecticut, the bigger issue impacts all of the states in the Northeast corridor.   The authors point out that gambling is a regressive tax on those that can least afford to gamble, as well as the increase of violent crimes and higher bankruptcy rates that seem to impact  at a higher percentage those areas that have legalized gambling.



Online Fantasy Sports Dealt A Major Setback
November 10, 2015

Draftkings and Fanduel, online fantasy sports websites were just dealt a major setback when New York Attorney General issued an immediate “cease and desist” order to stop conducting business in New York.   This recent setback  right on the heels of Nevada’s Attorney General issuing a similar order this week, but with much more impact on operations as Draftkings and Fanduel have substantial business dealings in New York, other than the fantasy sports business.



Fantasy Sports Fallout
November 3, 2015

There has been increasing concerns about the proliferation of advertisements for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and the concern is such that legislation is pending in multiple states to stop Draftkings and Fanduel from conducting business.   Fantasy sports has been classified as a game of skill versus chance.  Although it does not violate the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it may be unlawful because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.


HS Freshman Class Learning About Teen Gambling Addictions
October 30, 2015

A freshman high school class in Blairsville, Pennsylvania got the opportunity to participate in a SKYPE call with a Problem Gambling Expert and learn that teen gambling addictions are generally started as early as 8 years old.  Additionally, they learned that relatives and family that give gifts of lottery tickets and scratch-offs are contributing towards underage gambling.


 Elderly Japanese Banned From Gambling Games at Daycare Centers
September 25, 2015

This is a great article highlighting the dangers behind using gambling-type machines, such as mahjong and slot machines in elderly daycare centers.   In fact, the Kobe district of Japan has banned these machines in the daycare centers for elderly because of the high risk of developing a gambling addiction.



Odds On…That You Lose
August 16, 2015

This article is part of an in-depth look into the business of sports betting in Australia.  It is big business, but it also appears to use enticements and offers to those already suffering from a gambling addiction to keep them coming back for more.   Unfortunately, it also appears to be targeting young men with offers and attractions that they might never be able to enjoy as well as offers to match their ‘return’ deposits.


10 Athletes With A Costly Gambling Problem
August 11, 2015

Interesting article discusses the tribulations of 10 (mostly well-known) current and past athletes who got into trouble due to gambling.   Some of these athletes have spent time in jail due to crimes committed because of their gambling addiction; some have blown millions from gambling but made more than they lost.



Have Maryland Casinos Fulfilled Their Promises Or Created More Problems?
August 11, 2015

An excellent in-depth look at the Maryland casinos-  the promises of added revenues for city and state coffers, but at what price?   Sam Skolnik has written a gritty article that highlights the hidden side to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas-styled casinos and the socio-economic impact five years after the doors opened in Maryland.



Las Vegas Courts Have Options To Deal With Problem Gamblers
August 1, 2015

Great article highlighting the uphill battles of those who commit crime to support their gambling addiction in Las Vegas.  Although there is a precedence for diversionary programs of rehabilitation and probation (which includes full restitution to victims), many defense lawyers and some judges seem to be in the dark.   How is a gambling addict put in jail; then released with a felony on their record months or years later expected to find a job that will enable them to pay back their victims?


Predatory Gambling in Crosshairs
July 25, 2015

Gambling continues to expand through the United States and as more states legalize various forms of gambling, they are beginning to see the impact of problem gambling.  It is not just the gambler that is impacted, but their families, their jobs, and when the gambler becomes desperate and commits a crime to fund their addiction, then the legal system is impacted as well.   What can be done to stop this?  The article provides background and information on the grassroots movement taking place to stop predatory gambling.




High Cost of Australia’s Addiction to “Pokies”
July 24, 2015

This article out of Sydney highlights the growing problem of addiction to ‘pokies’ (as video slot machines are called), even as Australia continues to expand gambling opportunities.  Some of the stories highlighted in the article talk about the progressiveness of the addiction and what they’re doing to combat their addiction.



Video Gaming and Slot Machines Combined Together?
July 24, 2015

Casinos have begun to realize that current slot machines are not appealing to the generation of future gamblers, those that grew up with a smartphone in their hands.  Companies that specialize in video games have joined forces with those that develop slot machines, all hoping that their formula will become the successful enticement to draw younger gamblers to the casinos.




Gambling Addiction May Start As Early As Nine Years Old
July 15, 2015

A small study out of Ireland looked at 22 gamblers and their extended family members to ascertain when a gambling addiction actually began.  Young people and teens with their smartphones and access to the Internet are especially at risk of developing a gambling addiction and able to conceal it easier from family members.  An interesting hypothesis and hopefully, the study can be expanded to study a much larger group of people (of all ages).


Gambling Addiction Among Asians Becoming a Concern
July 4, 2015

Great article highlighting a growing concern that casinos continue to target the Asian community, particularly those who are new to America and don’t speak the language or have other social outlets.  In Massachusetts, a Connecticut-casino bound bus picks up gamblers for a $13 round-trip ticket (that also gives them $20 casino credit and buffet), three times a day.  There is very little help to those in Asian community seeking help as the Massachusetts Council lost their funding to support the Asian-speaking helpline.



Attitudes of Gambling on Sports is Evolving
June 28, 2015

This article discusses the evolving attitudes of major league sports on whether betting on sports should be allowed to expand beyond what is allowed today.   Some feel that the popularity of fantasy sports teams shows the interest is there, but many are concerned that it would open the door for potential point-shaving among athletes.


Former Mob Informer Discusses Gambling in College Athletics
June 27, 2015

This is the second of two interviews conducted with former mob informer, Michael Franzese.  He has worked with the NCAA since 1998 to go to Division I schools and talk with the athletes and coaches about gambling addiction.  There is a link within this article that you can view the entire interview.



When Gambling Is Your ‘Drug’
June 25, 2015

This was an intense article to read.  It was written from the perspective of a friend of a gambling addict, a young man who came from an upper middle-class family and how gambling proceeded to take the joy out of his life.  Yes, there are many who can gamble as a form of entertainment and fun, but this story highlights the dangers of when gambling becomes your ‘drug of choice’.




“Caught:  Corrections Officer to Federal Inmate”
June 17, 2015

This book review was enticing enough to order this book to read.  This is a story of a respected Mississippi corrections officer for 10 years, who in the grip of her gambling addiction, stole inmates’ social security numbers and used them in her tax accounting business to file fraudulent tax returns.  Her story was written during the time of her incarceration at a federal prison and reveals how gambling took her to the depths of despair and how she is recovering, but with the label of ‘felon’ now a part of her resume.


Thoughts from NC Gamblers Anonymous Members About Addiction
June 11, 2015

This article features some interviews conducted with a local chapter of Gamblers Anonymous in North Carolina about their gambling addiction and how it impacted their lives.  Most significantly was the observation that each week they attract about 8 new members, many young men, but they don’t all stick around for recovery.


Ohio Treatment Facility Tries New Approach to Help Compulsive Gamblers
June 1, 2015

Maryhaven facility has long been known for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, but in recent years has been treating those with a gambling addiction.  This article discusses the new methods for outreach to get the word out that there is help and hope for the compulsive gambler in the state of Ohio.


Online Gambling Addictions Increasing Dramatically Among Young Men
May 28, 2015

This article out of Australia discusses recent findings that those men in their 30’s to 50’s being treated for a gambling addiction relate that their gambling began at a much younger age, generally attributed to sports betting.  Dr. Christopher Hunt, a clinical psychologist at the University of Sydney’s Gambling Treatment Center has noted an alarming increase in the last three years of a younger clientele with a gambling addiction due to the expansion of online gambling and access to sports betting.


 Australia’s “Growing” Problem with Poker Machines
May 14, 2015

This article highlights a growing problem in Australia as they are seeing an increase of young adults, age ranging from 18-24 that are becoming addicted to poker machines.  One of those, Mark, a 22year old discusses how he got addicted and that playing poker machines initially was just a part of becoming an adult – an opinion shared by many his age.



 Gambling Addiction Sends Indiana Ex-police Chief to Prison
May 13, 2015

Yet another sad story, of how a gambling addiction and the need to find funds to support her addiction drove this Indiana ex-police chief (one who was fully aware that her actions were against the law) to steal.



 Engineers of Addiction
May 6, 2015

This is an amazing, in-depth look at the technology and psychology behind the development of slot machines, the history and evolution of the machines found in casinos today.  What makes these machines addictive for some and fun for others?


How Macau’s Crackdown Threatens Casino Mogul Adelson
April 23, 2015

A fascinating and in-depth article on Macau and what Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Macau operations have been doing to maintain revenues and profits of past years, all while China continues to crackdown on the junket-sponsored gambling activities.  The author goes into extensive history of Macau and the battle of US authorities in auditing US operations in Macau to ensure that money-laundering and other illegal activities are not taking place.


Risk-vs-Reward:  Montana’s Gambling Habit
April 22, 2015

Montana is seeking to expand gambling and lottery operations, but at what risk to their residents?  Montana is one of the few states that does not mandate a percentage of revenues to be set aside to provide treatment for problem gambling, instead relying on three of it’s agencies to provide a flat amount annually.  There are very few providers in the state that are certified to treat problem gambling and too few Gamblers Anonymous meetings to help the compulsive gambler.




One Burned Lottery Player Seeking to End Lottery Play in Vermont
April 8, 2015

Great in-depth article about a very successful businessman in Vermont who has suffered due to his addiction to lottery scratch off tickets.  Although he has taken steps to prevent future play, he’s on a crusade and letter-writing campaign to Vermont legislators to ban the lottery.



Congress Introduces New Bill to Ban Online Gambling and Poker
April 8, 2015

It’s been less than two years that three states (Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey) have offered online gambling (New Jersey and Delaware) and poker to their customers.    A new bill that has passed through Congress is seeking to once again outlaw all forms of online gambling in the United States.



Compulsive Gambling Can Destroy Lives
March 30, 2015

This is a great article and appropriate that it came out the last day of March, the month recognized as Problem Gambling Awareness month.  Not only does it illustrate the insidiousness and invisibility of a gambling addiction, the article offers insight and hope.



Will Legalizing Sports Betting Increase Number of Problem Gamblers?
March 25, 2015

Great article highlighting the potential for an increase in problem gamblers if sports betting is legalized.  According to Dr. Howard Shaffer of Harvard, it is possible to see an influx of problem gamblers upon initial legalization but that should subside as the community’s attitude  ‘matures’.  Additionally, the article offers a couple of stories of recovering compulsive gamblers that sheds light on the impact of legalized sports betting.



Sports Betting Reaches Pivotal Moment

Casino & Gaming SmartBrief – March 10, 2015

Experts say sports betting has reached a pivotal moment in the U.S. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie have come out in support of it, and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has said he’d like a full congressional debate over the issue. “It has fully cascaded into a tidal wave of momentum,” said Daniel Wallach, a lawyer specializing in gaming and sports law. Experts disagree over whether sports betting expansion would hurt Nevada sports books



Gambling Addiction is a “Brain Disease”
March 2, 2015

Great article that shared some of the highlights of the recent gathering at the Northeastern Problem Gambling Consortium.  Attending the conference were representatives from various Problem Gambling Councils in the region, the Executive Director for the National Problem Gambling Council, Kevin Whyte; as well as several recovering gambling addicts that shared their story of recovery.  The event was held in Massachusetts and although their first casino is not expected to be completed for 2 1/2 years, they are taking great strides towards ensuring that there is adequate treatment available for anyone needing help with a gambling addiction.





New Technology Could Help Gambling Addiction
February 18, 2015


New technology in the form of a smartphone application developed by UCLA hopes to further connect a gambling addict with help from a therapist by recording their experiences while gambling.  It remains to be seen whether this will be helpful to a compulsive gambler versus that of a person with a gambling problem.  The article also features “Bill” and parts of his story as told in a recent interview on KNPR.




NJ’s New “Text-for-Help” Program for Compulsive Gamblers
December 23, 2014

 A New Jersey nonprofit, the Council on Compulsive Gambling has created a new way for those with a gambling problem (or family member needing help with a gambler) to get help quickly with their new ‘Text-for-Help’ program.




Addicted to Games:  What Is a Gambling Addiction?
December 16, 2014

An interesting article written by a psychologist in Delaware and how her father’s addiction to gambling illustrated the shame and stigma of this addiction compared to other addictions.



What’s Ailing Connecticut’s Gambling Industry?
November 17, 2014

With continued expansion of legalized gambling in surrounding states, it has continued to impact the gambling industry of Connecticut.  Suggestions as to how to increase revenues have suggested that legalizing online gambling or allowing for sports betting may be a couple of solutions to increase state coffers.



Decade Covering Casino Industry Anything But Boring
November 16, 2014

Interesting article covering the expansion and changes of the casino industry, as well as some insight to what the gambling industry brings to various areas of the world.



The Addiction Side Effect of Legalized Gambling
November 11, 2014

Great article featuring a few problem gamblers (now in recovery) on the impact of the expansion of legalized gambling.  They provide interesting feedback and perspective of how expanded gambling is being marketed to college-age students.  Although gambling opportunities have continued to grow, there is also evidence that more states are ensuring that funding to treat problem gambling is being addressed as well.





Casino Repeal Effort Fails in Massachusetts
November 5, 2014

In a tightly run campaign highlighting the benefits of having gambling in Massachusetts, voters chose to not repeal the 2011 law allowing casinos in the state 60-40, with 97% of votes counted.  It is expected that casinos could be open as soon as next summer.




A Better Lawyer Could Have Kept Pete Rose in Baseball
October 31, 2014

Interesting article for sports fans that discusses the investigation of Pete Rose 25 years ago and speculates that had Rose had a better lawyer that he could have remained in baseball (and most likely, the Hall of Fame).  Rose was found to be gambling on baseball while serving as the Cincinnati Reds manager and was banned from baseball for life.



PA Bank Manager Stole to Support Gambling Addiction
October 28, 2014

Harrisburg ex-bank manager, Tiffany Look is now facing a lifetime ban from working in the banking industry, as well as a stiff sentence in a federal prison for stealing from customer’s accounts.  Why?    A gambling addiction was her reason when confronted by authorities upon discovering the misappropriated funds.




Parkinson Drug Treatments Linked to Compulsive Gambling and Other Impulse Disorders
October 21, 2014

Recent studies of the six drugs primarily used to treat Parkinsons and restless leg syndrome have found that more than 50% of the patients began to suffer from impulse disorders, as well as urges to gamble.  The findings have led to the researchers asking “Physicians who prescribe dopamine agonists should also vigilantly monitor their patients, and ensure that patients, families, and caregivers are counseled about the risk of these serious adverse events.”


Disbarred Iowa Lawyer Facing Jail and Restitution (over $800K)
October 20, 2014

This is another sad case of a compulsive gambler losing everything to the bet, not to mention a pending prison sentence and most likely the inability to pay back all the money stolen because they are unable to find a job after becoming a felon.  These stories are important to highlight the insidiousness of this addiction that would push a professional (such as a lawyer) to commit multiple crimes to support their need to gamble.




Gambling Addicts Brains Do Not Have The Same Opioid Systems As Other Addicts
October 18, 2014

An interesting study of opioid systems conducted with compulsive gamblers and healthy volunteers provided some interesting surprises for the researchers.  Although there is still much more to learn on why compulsive gamblers do not feel the levels of ‘euphoria’ that other addicts (such as alcoholics) do, it is hoped that an understanding of why this is so may provide new methods for treatment of compulsive gamblers.



Former Auburn Clerk Sentenced to One Year Imprisonment and Restitution
October 17, 2014

This headline is not news with regard to another city official found guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to federal prison, as well as supervised release and restitution.  However, this small city clerk worked for 30+ years in her position and because of her gambling addiction, embezzled over $180,000 in the last five years and manipulated financial documents to cover her actions.


Prison Inmates Work Hard to Overcome Gambling
October 8, 2014

Excellent article that highlights the challenges that face those who are in prison, some due to gambling and how some Maryland prisons are providing solutions to inmates seeking help with gambling addictions.


AC’s Woes Continue With Closing of Revel Casino
September 1, 2014

Caesar’s Showboat casino just closed its doors on Sunday, Trump Plaza is scheduled to close on September 16th, and Atlantic City’s most expensive casino at $2.4 billion dollars, Revel is slated to close September 2nd (the hotel portion closed today).  The developers of Revel had envisioned a high-class resort and first of its kind, complete nonsmoking facility, but could not generate the necessary business and revenues to offset the debt incurred to build the resort.  Analysts have their own thoughts on why this hotel/casino failed.


US Fantasy Football Gambling Industry Facing More Legal Scrutiny
August 30, 2014

With the arrival of the regular season kickoff’s next week, “owners” across the United States are drafting and fine-tuning their fantasy football teams.  What was once a lowkey, almost nonexistent industry a few years ago, fantasy football has become a popular multimillion dollar business today and has begun to draw the interest of authorities in states where (gambling) or betting on “the result of any trial or contest of skill” is prohibited.


Nephew Commits Suicide After Aunt Dies From Staged Home Invasion
August 23, 2014

Oakland police investigating a botched home invasion in which an elderly woman was killed had already begun to unravel the nephew’s story when they learned of his gambling addiction.  However, before they could question him further, he set himself on fire outside the apartment building where his aunt had been killed.


Fine Levied Against PA Casino Dealer Called Unconstitutional
August 23, 2014

Prior to approval of gambling (casino style) in Pennsylvania, the State Legislature mandated that severe fines would be assessed for any of 12 crimes committed against a casino in its state.  One 29 yr old dealer found this out when he was assessed a $75,000 fine for pilfering $1 and $5 chips during his shift for about $200.  However, his attorney in taking the case to Pennsylvania’s highest court stated that had the young man stolen from any other business in the state, the maximum fine would have been $10,000.


Casino Money Falls Off Armored Truck
August 20, 2014

A soon-to-be closed New Jersey casino (Revel) had yet another blow to its’ financial woes when $21000 fell off the armored truck that had just picked up the money.  Investigators continue to search for the missing money and how this could have happened.


Ritz Casino Wins Court Battle to Reclaim Markers from Gambling Addict
August 15, 2014

In a bizarre case, United Kingdom’s high court established that the wife of the Oman Foreign Minister did in fact have to repay the remaining million pounds owed from markers to the Ritz casino.  She had paid back one million pounds on the two million pounds owed, but claimed that the casino had a ‘duty of care’ to stop her after she lost the first million.


Gambling Addiction:  A Mental Health Disorder
August 14, 2014

This article appeared in the Rome Observer (Rome, NY) and written by a police detective highlights the hidden dangers and costs of a gambling addiction.  Indepth look at how some can develop a gambling addiction, those who may be predisposed to a gambling addiction and the havoc it can create in not only the gambler’s life, but those around him/her.


How Washington Opened the Floodgates to Online Gambling
August 14, 2014

Interesting article focuses on how the Wire Act of 2006 was redefined by a 13-page decision published by then Assistant Attorney General Seitz in December 2011.  In her paper, she overturned a long-standing law because of a misplaced comma and the impact of her decision ” was to lift a long-standing federal ban on non-sport betting on the Internet, such as poker and slots—some of the most popular and profitable games online”.  This in turn legalized online casino gambling in New Jersey and Delaware, although Nevada chose to only offer online poker.



How Church Membership Helps Gambling Addicts
August 12, 2014

North Dakota is a very rural area and although treatment for gambling addicts may be quite a drive, one group Gambler’s Choice has found that a closer option for support may be the church down the street.  In a study conducted by a University of Texas (San Antonio) professor, Ellison discovered that “social relationships within congregations, which involve face-to-face interaction, may have substantial influence on individual behaviors such as gambling.”


Casinos Want Customers To Stop Leaving Kids in Car While They Gamble
August 4, 2014

Every summer one hears tragic stories of kids accidentally left in cars, but what happens if they’re left in the car by a parent at a casino for what was to only be a ‘few minutes’ worth of gambling?   American Gaming Association has teamed up with a child safety advocate on a campaign to educate and hopefully, prevent future tragedies.


Children, Elderly Pay Price for Gambler’s Neglect
August 2, 2014

In one of the first cases of its kind, an elderly woman was left in a car while her 67 year old son was inside a Maryland casino gambling.  Although the news is full of stories of children being left in a car unattended while the parents are gambling, this is the first case of elder abuse and the son has been charged.


Mom Left Kids in Car While Gambling at California Casino
July 29, 2014

A 37 yr old woman was charged with felony child endangerment after leaving her two small children in the car while she was inside gambling.  She is just one of several women in the San Francisco bay area who have left their children in the car while they gambled.  Although some casinos are currently offering a form of childcare, the two facilities mentioned here do not currently offer any childcare arrangements.



UK Bookie Speaks Out Against FOBT’s (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals)
July 26, 2014

Mike Simons, a bookie and betting shop manager in the UK is speaking out against the real dangers of FOBT’s after one gambler hung himself and another had attempted suicide.  He’s hoping by speaking out that others with the same views for needed change will join him in pushing the government to make these changes regarding FOBT’s, the ‘crack-cocaine’ of gambling.



To Treat A Gambling Disorder, You Must Dig Deeper
July 24, 2014

Great article highlighting the work of Minnesota’s Project Turnabout, not a 12-step treatment program but a ‘program of change’.  CEO and Executive Director, Mike Schiks has had his own learning curve in understanding problem gambling and how best to treat those with a gambling addiction.


Gambling Addict Who Lost Everything Rebuilds His Life
July 14, 2014

Justyn Larcombe, once a former British Army major and successful financial advisor found his life spiraling out of control due to his online gambling habit.  He has written a book called “Tails I Lose” which details his story- all that he lost, all that he learned about gambling addiction, and how he has turned his life around.  He also has founded a gambling awareness charity called Rethink Gambling and has three specific goals for this charity.


Grim Warning of Atlantic City’s Gambling Industry Implosion
July 14, 2014

Article highlights the problems faced by the gambling industry in the Atlantic City area as yet another casino (Trump Plaza) has announced that it will most likely be closing its doors by September.  What’s behind all of the failing casinos in Atlantic City?



Once Fabled Atlantic City on Free Fall
July 6, 2014

Excellent, in-depth article that portrays Atlantic City in its heyday at the turn of the century to its current state of decline, with 2-3 of its 10 casinos facing closures.  The Atlantic City area has had some very tough challenges (Hurricane Sandy and the fire on the Boardwalk that caused millions in damages) in recent years, but with the continued expansion of gambling in neighboring states it may be more than Atlantic City can overcome this time.


Milwaukee Lawyer Gets Jail Term for Thefts
July 2, 2014

Yet another story that highlights the insidiousness of a gambling addiction, one that caused a top-notch debt collection lawyer to embezzle over $750,000 from his clients to support his addiction.  Wynn states that the gambling started over 20 years ago to deal with the stress and grief when his wife died, but the addiction progressed.


The Neuroscience of Problem Gambling
June 22, 2014

An excellent article from Australia that discusses in great depth the neuroscience behind problem gambling.  Why is the research of what causes problem gambling so far behind that of other substance-abuse based addictions?  As the article points out, “it is easier to get a mouse drunk or addicted to heroin and assess the effects of these drugs on its behaviour and brain, than it is to get a mouse interested in the pokies (let alone teach it how to do the form).”




Responsible Gambling:   Why Occasional Use is Generally Safe
June 16, 2014

This was a very interesting article out of Australia that proposes that many people who suffer from gambling addiction could be helped through pre-established monetary/time limits that would limit the harm suffered through their need for ‘more wins’.



Alabama Author Hopes to Teach Kids Good Decision Making
June 9, 2014

Great article highlighting the turbulent story of Matthew Creighton, former Marine and state trooper who found himself on the other side of the law and author of his story in a book called “Don’t Get Sidetracked”.   Hoping that by telling his story to children of the bad decisions that led to his ‘bottom’, that he may be able to help them to make good decisions in their life.


Longtime Gaming Attorney Bob Faiss Passed Away
June 5, 2014

Bob Faiss, long time resident of Las Vegas area and powerhouse gaming attorney for Lionel, Sawyer, and Collins passed away today from complications of cancer.  He was well-known in the gambling industry and lobbied at various times for the Nevada Resort Association and the American Gaming Association.


Comptroller Embezzles Funds To Support Gambling Addiction
June 4, 2014

A gambling addiction led the Comptroller of an Irvine firm to embezzle over $3.3 million dollars, money that ironically was paid to the firm to monitor offenders for the court systems (both federal and state).


Kids With Gambling Problems Becoming More Common
June 2, 2014

NY Council for Problem Gambling has created a great little video that illustrates the need to gamble responsibly, targeting kids and parents in a campaign to raise awareness of problem gambling.  In light of the fact that the state of New York has recently approved the expansion of gambling with Las Vegas-style resorts targeted for the upstate NY area, this is a great campaign.





Casino Glut Threatens Resorts
May 30, 2014

Although the focus of the article is the Mississippi (specifically the Tunica region) casinos and the impact of lower revenues as due to the glut of casinos in surrounding states, this problem is not restricted to that of casinos in Mississippi.  There are currently 40+ states with casino gambling offered and 48 states that have some type of gambling activities- and all are starting to see the impact to their state coffers.



Arizona Court Rules Man Cannot Sue Internet Gaming Site For Lost Money
May 22, 2014

In a recent case heard by the Arizona Court of Appeals, it ruled that the plaintiff could not sue the Internet gaming site alleging that they were conducting an ‘illegal racketeering’ business, when the plaintiff knew that this was part of doing business (that he could either win or lose).



Gambling Addiction Treatment Sparse in Mass as Casinos Gear Up for Business
May 22, 2014

As the day approaches when Massachusetts introduces legalized casino-style gambling, it remains evident that the state is sadly lacking in treatment for those with a gambling addiction.   Although the Massachusetts legislature mandated that funding would be set aside from casino taxes for treatment, it does not have a plan for ensuring that the state has sufficient trained and certified specialists.


Tampa Priest Commits Suicide Due to Gambling Addiction
May 21, 2014

This article is a perfect illustration of the grief and shock of those left behind to understand why someone would take their life, especially a Catholic priest.  Unfortunately, the Tampa priest had just been relieved of his duties when it was found that he had been stealing church funds with which to fund his gambling addiction.


Oklahoma Gambling Addicts Have Few Places To Turn to For Help
May 18, 2014

Although the amount of casino operations (mostly tribal) have expanded exponentially in the state of Oklahoma, the amount of certified specialists and treatment facilities has not kept pace.  This article explores the problem faced by those with gambling addictions in Oklahoma and what needs to be done to resolve this matter.


Elderly Gambling on the Rise in Corpus Christi Region
May 1, 2014

Police continue to raid illegal gambling venues, finding that many of the patrons are elderly citizens raising concerns of whether they are gambling money needed to buy food, medicine, or pay utilities.  As facilities are found and shut down, other illegal operations continue to spring up throughout the coastal region of south Texas.


NY Art Dealer Blames Knicks for His Gambling Addiction
April 30, 2014

In an interesting twist to a case that resulted in the indictments and convictions of several key players in an illegal gambling ring, scion of one of NY’s families involved in the art world blamed the Knicks for his gambling addiction.  In an earlier article (dated April 24, 2014) he also blamed his upbringing with his family’s high-stakes culture as the reason for his gambling addiction.


Gambler’s Fallacy Explained
April 8, 2014

Many have heard of the ‘gambler’s fallacy’, a misguided belief that a win is just around the corner, but now researchers have found that the explanation lies due to a particular ‘damaged’ aspect of the brain.


Parents Take Notice:  Angry Birds is the Gateway Game to Potential Online Gambling Addiction
April 3, 2014

A new advertisement by Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition Against Online Gambling warns parents to be mindful of their child’s interest in games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush played on their smartphones, as it can lead quite easily to an addiction to online gambling.


Is Gambling a Cause or Consequence of Homelessness?
April 3, 2014

An interesting study conducted in Great Britain focuses on the homeless population and their proclivity to having a gambling problem, highlighting a need for service agencies to expand their intake assessments to include questions regarding their gambling habits.


Medicine to Treat Parkinson’s Disease Leaves Patients Susceptible to Gambling Addiction
March 24, 2014

Article highlights the dangers for those seniors who are attracted to the casinos for entertainment, but are being treated for Parkinson’s disease may be even more susceptible to a gambling addiction because of how the medicine targets the dopamine receptors.  The higher the dose, the greater the likelihood of other unwanted side effects that will develop.


Is March Madness a Gateway to Problem Gambling?
March 23, 2014

For some, March Madness refers to the excitement of college basketball and the upsets of the top seeds and the infamy of the underdogs winning the championship.  For others, the lure of the brackets and action can result in a lifetime of chasing a losing bet and resulting in a problem with gambling.  This article highlights the dangers of gambling among the college-age population as well as questions to determine if one should consider getting help before gambling becomes a problem.


More Seniors Gambling for Fun Are Finding Only Trouble
March 21, 2014

This is an eye-opening article from the Buffalo News and highlights the hidden dangers of the casinos for those elderly seeking only distraction from boredom, bereavement losses, and health issues- just some of the reasons cited for gambling.  For many family members separated geographically from their elderly relatives, they have no inkling of the extent of how gambling is affecting their loved ones until it may be too late to intervene.


Gambling Addiction is No Game for Some
March 21, 2014

Article written from perspective of a gambling counselor and describes how innocently and insidiously a gambling addiction can occur.  For most people she says  “ People are more likely to develop a gambling problem when they’re coping with major life changes or losses.”


UK’s Culture Secretary Says Gamblers Need More Protection
March 2, 2014

Article by BBC News highlights the details of the new voluntary requirements by bookmakers to be instituted that will help to limit time and money spent by gamblers, but Culture Secretary feels that even more needs to be done to limit those with a gambling problem before they begin to gamble.


Portland Racetrack Announcer, Former Gambling Addict Releases Book Details
February 28, 2014

Jason Beem, not just another recovering gambling addict working on a Master’s degree in addiction counseling, but he’s an announcer at the Portland Meadows racetrack.  Beem has a book “Southbound” expected to be released this month, as well as upcoming speaking engagements, TV appearances and other publicity events to promote the book’s release.


Near Wins Can Stoke the Gamblers’ Brains
February 28, 2014

Interesting article in National Geographic discusses a recent study on how male gamblers’ brains reacted to near-wins and what this study could mean for gamblers in the future.  One of the authors of the study, Professor Natalia Lawrence stated:

“They may be more affected by and perhaps more motivated to keep gambling after a near miss.”


Holding Bookie Bosses Accountable for Problem Gambling
February 26, 2014

Recent legislation by the United Kingdom lawmakers going into effect this week to ensure bookmakers are taking measures to promote Responsible Gambling was surprisingly supported in a joint statement by heads of the major bookmakers.  The legislation includes ” forced breaks, with automatic alerts on money and time spent by players at the machines”.  Additionally, one bookmaker has taken their commitment to this new legislation one step further by tying their executives’ pay to “the success of the group’s problem gambling efforts”.


Problem Gambling Summit Focus on Innovations in Treatment
February 24, 2014

California’s Department of Health is sponsoring a no-cost event forum to the public March 3-4, 2014 at the Doubletree Berkeley-Marina Hotel, with three outstanding keynote speakers.  Click here for link to the summit brochure.

How ‘The Anonymous People’ Is Changing the Recovery Culture
February 24, 2014

Excellent article discussing the story of Greg Williams, director of the movie ‘The Anonymous People’. Although the movie’s focus is on those who suffered from drug and/or alcohol abuse, the message is applicable to all suffering from an addiction- that it’s time to step out of the shadows and remove the shame and stigma of addiction.


Casinos are America’s New Senior Centers
February 24, 2014

Outstanding article highlighting the dangers for seniors that look to the casinos to provide fun and entertainment to fill their lives, not realizing the dangers of becoming addicted to the slot machines.


Treat Gambling Addicts, Don’t Jail Them Says Pioneering US Judge
February 19, 2014

This was the message from US Judge Mark Farrell, who started the only Gambling Court in the United States in 2001 that he recently delivered at a conference in New Zealand:  “Treat Gambling Addicts, Don’t Jail Them”.  The year-long program in New York has been quite successful and one doctor in New Zealand is hoping to add gambling to their current Drug court program based on Farrell’s model.


Gambling Addiction Afflicts More Seniors
February 18, 2014

A great article highlighting the dangers of gambling for seniors, who are more likely to become addicted to gambling than any other age group.  As Dr. Rob Hunter, founder of the Problem Gambling Center with locations in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada states:  “They’re not playing for fun. They’re not playing for money. They’re playing for escape,” he said.


Tough Love Dealing with Addiction in Your Life
February 14, 2014

A very informative article regarding how to apply ‘tough love’ to the addict in your life.


Online Poker Addict Cheated Employer
February 4, 2014

This article comes from an Irish newspaper and what makes it particularly interesting and sad is that this individual had been a well-respected teacher for over 30 years and part-time accountant until he became addicted to online poker.


Should States Legalize Sports Gambling?
February 3, 2014

An interesting blog on whether or not states should be allowed to legalize sports gambling and the arguments as to why or why not.  Currently,  Nevada is the only state with legalized sports gambling.


Two Biggest Casino CEOs Are Against Internet Gambling
February 3, 2014

In a surprising turnaround to his previous position on Internet Gambling, Steve Wynn has joined with Adelson in opposing Internet gambling.  This Forbes article features a recent interview with Steve Wynn on why he is now opposed to the continued expansion of Internet gambling.


Gambling and Why Older Americans Get Hooked
January 27, 2014

An eye-opening article put out in the January/February issue of AARP Bulletin of why older Americans are more at risk of developing a gambling addiction.


PA Lawmakers Looking to Target Those Who Rip Off Charities and Government Agencies
January 26, 2014

Pennsylvania lawmakers are seeking tougher and harsher punishments on those individuals who rip off charities or government agencies and cited several examples of individuals recently convicted of embezzling funds to support a gambling addiction.


Use of Prepaid Cards for Slot Play Worries Problem Gambling Advocates
January 24, 2014

A bill proposal to allow for prepaid cards to be utilized for slot play has Nevada problem gambling advocates concerned that controls need to be implemented first, such as flashing problem gambling messages before utilizing the cards or time restrictions that would slow the gambler down.


Superbowl Tough Time for Gambling Addicts
January 21, 2014

It’s approaching that time of the year again (February 1) when the top teams from the AFC and the NFC will meet at the Meadowlands to determine the ultimate football team champion.  However, this event which is expected to bring in over $10 billion in revenues is a tough time for those who battle a gambling addiction or are in recovery.  Great article featuring suggestions on how to help the gambler get through this next few weeks without making that first bet.


Closing the Gap Between Science and Medicine
January 20, 2014

An excellent article that highlights the results of a 5 year study conducted in New York that clearly illustrates the current disconnect between medical practitioners and their misunderstanding about addiction, which has contributed to ineffective and somewhat lacking, addiction treatment.


Can the Gambling Industry Ever Become a Force for Good?
January 15, 2014

Very interesting article discussing the current ‘paternalistic’ view of government (i.e. US, UK, China) with respect to the gambling industry in which it appears to restrict the gambler’s ability to legally gamble.  However, some new companies are seeking to change the focus of gambling as it’s perceived now and are looking to bring back the ‘friendly wager or competition’ between individuals.


Arrest Courtside at Australian Open for Gambling a World ‘First’
January 15, 2014

An arrest courtside at the Australian Open involving gambling is the first of its’ kind.  It involves one person with a special device watching the match and transmitting the outcome of each point about 7-10 seconds before it was actually transmitted in telecast to an accomplice, who then was able to make bets (already knowing the outcome).


 Ex-Mayor Close to Paying Restitution to Settle Gambling Debts
January 14, 2014

Ex-Mayor, O’Connor is close to receiving a settlement on another case that would allow her to pay back the $2 million embezzled from a non-profit started by her husband (deceased) and fulfill the terms of her plea, as well as having the criminal charges removed.


Lawyer Appeals to Ohio Supreme Court to Fight Disbarment
January 14, 2014

An Ohio lawyer, who stole funds to support a gambling addiction is now appealing his disbarment in front of the Ohio Supreme Court citing disbarment was too harsh of a punishment.


Gambler Kills Wife in a Fit of Rage
January 11, 2013

Jurors in London heard what led up to Kapoor (Morgan Stanley banker) to kill his wife last year on the day he was to face an administrative hearing for his accounting error that cost the bank millions in pounds, among which was his gambling debts.


Macau Sees Rise in Youth Addicted to Gambling
January 10, 2014

Interesting article that appeared in Macau Times regarding the rise in youth that are on the edge of becoming addicted to gambling is at 16.4%, one of the highest percentages since they started conducting surveys regarding gambling.  Why now and what can be done to turn this disturbing trend around?


Social Media Games the Beginning of Gambling Addiction?
January 10, 2014

Great article featuring the dangers of some of the fun, but addictive games currently found on social media and the question raised if these games can lead to a gambling addiction?


How the Gambling Industry Preys on Senior Citizens
January 7, 2014

An interesting and eye-opening op-ed piece, discussing how it would appear that casinos are focusing their marketing efforts towards vulnerable senior citizens, in light of rising percentage of problem senior gamblers.


Kansas Residents to Get Help for Gambling Problems Through ValueOptions
January 6, 2014

ValueOptions is partnering with Kansas’ Department of Aging and Disability Services, to offer affordable treatment for those with a gambling problem.  This month they are “launching a major public outreach and information campaign to raise awareness of both the risk factors surrounding problem gambling, and the free treatment options available to Kansans.”


Senior Women Are Fastest Growing Group of Problem Gamblers
January 6, 2014

Eye-opening article identifying elderly women as the fastest growing group of problem gamblers.  For some of the women, slot machines may have provided entertainment or an activity to overcome boredom/loneliness, but for others it rapidly developed into an addiction.


Florida Legislature Looking at Changes to Gambling Laws
January 3, 2014

Florida’s legislature are looking at a range of changes to current gambling laws that could allow for Las Vegas-style casinos to be built, as well as overhauling the current horse racing and greyhound racing industries.   However, the changes must be determined by the end of the spring or it could fall to the voters on a fall general-election ballot to make the final decision.


Path Continues to Muddy in Massachusetts With Growing Concern Over Casinos
January 3, 2014

Two years ago, the voters of Massachusetts voted enthusiastically to bring casinos to their state.  Over the last year, there has been a growing movement from some of the wealthier towns to stop casinos from being built and multiple problems of issues between licensee applicants and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.


2014 Starts Ominously for NJ Casinos
December 30, 2013

New Jersey Governor Christie continues to monitor the casinos in NJ before seeking to expand casinos in other parts of New Jersey.  Various factors continue to contribute to dwindling revenues and customers, including the addition of online gaming that began at the end of November, it could mean more than one brick-and-mortar casino will be closing it’s doors.


Fear of Social Breakdown as Gambling Explodes in Italy
December 29, 2013

Great article that highlights the history of legalized gambling that began a decade ago in Italy and has now become a serious concern for those that are now having to deal with the intangible effects of gambling:   debt, bankruptcies, depression, broken homes, and addiction.


Las Vegas Problem Gambling Council’s Mission Continues to Evolve Over Time
December 23, 2013

Great article highlighting the mission, activities, and challenges of the Las Vegas chapter of Problem Gambling Council, run by Carole O’ Hare and her staff.


Newport Dentist Gambles Millions of Investment Dollars in Vegas
December 18, 2013

Knox, owner of a dental equipment company is charged with six counts of wire fraud for taking investment money for his company, Osseous Technologies of America, but gambling most of it away in Las Vegas.


Portland Meadows Announcer Talks About His Gambling Addiction Past
December 18, 2013

A wonderful article about an announcer from the Portland Meadows, Jason Beem who discusses his past gambling addiction and upcoming novel with great candor.


Will Congress Go Forward With Regulating Online Gaming
December 10, 2013

As Congress continues to push through as much legislation as possible before the end of the year, one of the bills pending would seek to regulate online gambling by federal government versus individual state regulations.


Mobile Gambling Industry To Thrive in Coming Years
December 6, 2013

Great article that provides insight into what’s in store with online gambling as other states look to jump onboard, banking on the popularity of games currently offered through social media sites.


NJ Problem Gambling Council Fears Online Gambling Will Lead to More Problem Gamblers
November 29, 2013

Great article discussing how New Jersey’s Council for Problem Gambling is preparing for what they believe will be an increase in the number of people that will become addicted to gambling with online gambling, as well as causing relapses in those gamblers already in recovery.


Oregon Live Newspaper Features 5 Day In-Depth Study of Lottery and Effects
November 22, 2013

Not just one article, but several articles per day for the last week, authored by Harry Esteve has featured an in-depth look at the Oregon Lottery and how it has impacted many lives since it began.


Gambling Addiction Affecting Younger Generations
November 19, 2013

Article is titled “Rolling the Dice” and  sheds light on college students becoming addicted to gambling.  Who’s to blame and what can be done to curb this trend are just some of the points made in this article.


Adelson Gears Up to Battle Internet Gambling
November 18, 2013

Article discussing Sheldon Adelson’s ongoing and public campaign to ban online gambling, citing it “as a menace to children, the poor and the traditional gambling industry itself’.  Additionally, a new advocacy group has been formed, calling itself the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.


Novel Therapies in New Studies For Gambling Addiction Show Promise
November 14, 2013

Interesting article that highlights some of the new findings in searching for new and novel therapy treatments to treat addictions, namely gambling addictions.


Massachusetts Man Denies Stealing From Grandmother to Feed Scratch-Off Addiction
November 4, 2013

Yet another article that highlights an individual resorting to stealing from his elderly grandmother to feed an addiction to scratch-off lottery tickets.


Connecticut Should Prepare for Rise in Problem Gambling
October 30, 2013

Brief, but informative article of highlights from the keynote speaker, Jeff Marotta (Department of Psychiatry at Oregon Health and Sciences University) at the New Haven conference, sponsored by Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling.


Gambling as Psychiatric Issue Seen Not as Cure-All
October 30, 2013

Great article with interview of Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling discussing among other things, that there is still a need for advocates to fight for funding.


Scientists Reduce Behaviors Associated With Problem Gambling in Rats
October 29, 2013

Great article regarding a study from the University of British Columbia that offers hope for the treatment of gambling addiction,  a growing public health concern,


Funding Conflict Cited on Connecticut Problem Gambling Conference
October 29, 2013

Interesting article with claims by a former volunteer of the Connecticut Council for Problem Gambling that 4/5ths of the funding for the Council comes from the state’s casinos and that their efforts to address problem gambling are just ‘window dressing’.


Scientists Examine Causes and Treatments of Addictive Behavior
October 28, 2013

A great article that discusses how scientists are not only identifying new addictions, but are also discovering fresh treatments for treating these harmful behaviors (addictions).


Guard Against Gambling Addiction During Holiday Seasons
October 18, 2013

An interesting article, notably the sections pertaining to the treatment of gambling addicts and why experts state that gambling addicts required special care and training to treat them as opposed to those suffering from a drug/alcohol addiction.

Experts say treating gambling addicts requires special care and specialised training.Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/fwire/during-festive-season-guard-against-gambling-addiction-health-feature-1179137.html?utm_source=ref_article

Experts say treating gambling addicts requires special care and specialised training.Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/fwire/during-festive-season-guard-against-gambling-addiction-health-feature-1179137.html?utm_source=ref_article


Underage Gamblers Should Be Fined, Educated
October 9, 2013

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health will host a day-long Youth Problem Gambling Prevention Training on Oct. 28, taught by the Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.  The program focuses on reducing risky decision-making, delaying the start age of gambling, refusal skills and coping skills.


Court Appointed Guardian Jailed and Accused of Stealing To Support Gambling Habit
October 8, 2013

An article highlighting the dangers of a gambling addiction that led a court-appointed guardian to steal from those she was appointed to assist.  Clark County Family Court-appointed private guardian is accused of stealing nearly $200,000 in cash and jewelry from four of her wards to help stoke gambling addictions, court and police documents show.


Former Professional Boxer Sentenced in Wire Fraud Case to Support Gambling Habit
October 8, 2013

Federal prosecutors are seeking “substantial” jail time for a former professional D.C. boxer, Keely Thompson, who diverted thousands of dollars in government grants to fund his gambling habit.  Prosecutors acknowledged the role that Thompson’s decades-long gambling habit played in his misconduct as well as recognizing his “invaluable assistance to at-risk children”.


Father Fighting Cancer and for Gambling Addiction Awareness
October 5, 2013

A brief, but poignant article about a father (terminally ill) fighting for his life as well as sharing the need for gambling addiction awareness to other parents after his son was murdered due to not placing a sports bet for someone else.


Regional Casinos Prey on Problem Gamblers
October 4, 2013

A very interesting article on the recent study commissioned by the Council of Casinos, a 33-member council titled: “Why Casinos Matter: Thirty-one Evidence-based Propositions from the Health and Social Sciences.”  Although a prominent industry leader disputes the findings of the study, the council argues that statistics put out by the gaming industry are somewhat misleading.


Poker Chip Case Highlights Security Issue
October 1, 2013

Article discussing why a recent case in Iowa regarding counterfeit poker chips would have an impact on national security.


Former Ambulance Official Gets Prison for Gambling Addiction
September 26, 2013

Article highlights yet another example of someone that committed multiple white-collar crimes to support their gambling addiction over a period of four years. What makes this article newsworthy is the harsh sentencing and judge’s comments that draws further attention to the disparity of punishment of these crimes committed by a person with an illness.


Gambling Addicts in Recovery Find Shortage of Help  
September 26, 2013

An extensive, in-depth look at the struggles of recovering compulsive gamblers living in Missoula, Montana that are surrounded by multiple gambling opportunities but currently have only 3 licensed counselors who are able to provide treatment.  Help is on the way with new proposed legislation which will allow for other licensed addiction counselors to get certified to treat gambling addictions.


NJ, NV, and Delaware Seeking To Be Tops in Online Gaming
September 26, 2013

Although Nevada currently offers opportunities for residents to play online poker, New Jersey and Delaware hope to take the lead in revenues to be generated from online gambling as they are not limiting play to poker but to all games as offered in a land-based casino.  Excellent article that offers a look at how it will affect the state’s coffers as well as expected impact of increased social costs with additional gambling opportunities.


Singapore Casinos Lose Luster Among Locals
September 26, 2013

Aside from strict policies in place to restrict locals from gambling, they also have put into place additional restrictions to help limit increases in problem gambling addictions.


As More States Back Casinos, Inequality Rises
September 24, 2013

A new study on gambling points to the expansion of casinos as a contributor to social and income inequality.

Interesting article discussing a new study on gambling.  Based on the findings of numerous studies, it focuses on the social and hidden costs associated with gambling;  specifically that the expansion of gambling tends to create more opportunities for the people that can ‘least afford’ to gamble.


Study Profiles Gambling Population With Slots/Casinos Coming to State
September 20, 2013

Great study conducted in Massachusetts recently with the approval of slots and casinos and the expected  impact on various aspects of the population.  Heartening to see that the Massachusetts’ legislature has made specific provisions and funding to be set aside for treatment of problem gamblers.


Web Gambling May Increase Addiction Experts Say
September 20, 2013

Very informative and interesting article on the need to implement strong measures to help prevent underage and compulsive gamblers from being able to gamble online.


Beating the Odds When Mom or Dad Has a Gambling Problem
September 17, 2013

This is an excellent article on how family members can become aware of potential gambling problems with their elderly parents and what resources are available to help.


High Roller to Take Gambling Debt  Case to Nevada Supreme Court
September 11, 2013

A California businessman convicted of passing ‘bad checks’ in 2011 is appealing his case to Nevada’s Supreme Court on the basis that if he’s sent to jail for not paying on his markers, he’s essentially being sent to prison for not paying his debts (as in debtor’s prison).


Former Student Leader Jailed for Robbing Bank to Feed Gambling Habit
September 9, 2013

As a gambling habit progresses and an addict’s resources are increasingly limited, some turn to crime to support their habit.  Unfortunately, this is just one example of how a previously upstanding citizen and leader found their life turned upside down due to their gambling habit.


Culture, Opportunity Add to Gambling Addiction for Orange County Asian Population
September 9, 2013

According to Dr. Tim Fong, psychiatrist and co-director of UCLA’s Gambling Studies Program, the Asian population has the highest rate of gambling addiction compared to all other ethnic groups.   Gambling is considered to be a socially acceptable form of entertainment, but when combined with numerous opportunities to gamble, it can create problems.


Australian Public Servant Jailed for Fraud to Support Gambling Habit
September 7, 2013

An Australian senior public servant was found guilty of over 271 separate fraud incidents to support her gambling habit. One of the comments made by the judge at sentencing to her illustrates how insidious a gambling addiction can be for an addict:

Your motivation was not need but greed to feed your addiction.


Links Made Between Problem Gambling and Substance Abuse
September 4, 2013

Intriguing article that highlighted the results of a review of existing literature regarding problem gamblers and substance abuse.  Dr. Flora Matheson (a sociologist of St. Michael Hospital’s Centre for Research on Inner City Health) and colleagues from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health published their findings online in the journal ISRN Addiction.


Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck have Las Vegas on edge
(Reuters) August 23, 2013

The October release of “Runner, Runner” starring Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck shines a light on a hot topic…online wagering. According to Sue Zeidler’s Reuter’s article,

“(Timberlake andAffleck) are the stars of a new film about the murky world of unauthorized online poker that could cast an unwelcome spotlight on a fledgling legal market that Sin City’s biggest players are betting on.

Industry groups like the American Gaming Association are preparing advertising and discussion screenings around the film’s release, to draw a distinction between its portrayal of the seedy trappings of global online poker, and a federally regulated market they’re trying to plug.”


Gambling Money a Risky Business According to Ottowa Health Agency

August 22, 2013

Some provincial governments are increasing the scope of gambling facilities that provide significant revenue—but at a public health cost, notes the report from Ottawa Public Health.

Interesting article that highlights the dangers of gambling expansion without increasing treatment for gambling addiction.


Terrifying Addictive Power of Internet Gambling
August 21, 2013

Great story of how gambling addiction can take over one’s life in a downward spiral, a must-read for those that think they have a gambling problem or a family member that suspects that there may be a problem.


Connecticut’s Council on Problem Gambling to Host One Day Conference
August 21, 2013

Connecticut’s Council will be hosting a one day conference on Oct 30, featuring Jeff Marotta as keynote speaker.  Among some of the topics to be covered are Gambling and the Military.


Gambling Addiction can Tarnish the Golden Years
August 18, 2013

Great blog by Bea Victor regarding gambling and its impact on the elderly.


Oregon Lottery to Drop Efforts to Help Problem Gamblers
August 15, 2013

In a shocking move by the Oregon Lottery Fund, they will no longer be funding efforts to help problem gamblers.


Ohio State to Spend $6.2 Million to Combat Problem Gambling
August 12, 2013

This fiscal year, the state of Ohio is looking to spend $6.2 million dollars to prevent and treat problem gambling.  This is a very informative and in-depth look at how the various counties are proactively seeking to educate and provide treatment services to those with a gambling problem and those affected by gambling.


Upcoming NCRG Conference Will Keep Responsible Gaming Education Conversation Alive
August 10, 2013

Gambling Disorders 360 has an informative blog on the upcoming National Conference of Responsible Gaming (held September 22-24) and some of the panels that will be featured.  Although Responsible Gaming Education week has passed, it is hoped that efforts and conversation of how to better promote responsible gaming will continue throughout the year and not just one week a year.


Big Lottery Jackpots Can Cause Gambling Addicts to Relapse
August 7, 2013

Great article discussing the issue of large lottery jackpots and how  “addiction experts predict some problem gamblers who are trying to kick the habit will fall off the wagon because of all the attention large jackpots get”.


Some Florida Internet Cafes Reopen as Social Clubs
August 6, 2013

After a massive shutdown of hundreds of Internet cafes in Florida in April, some of the clubs have since reorganized and are open as social clubs, minus the prizes and giveaways.


UK Technology Firm Using Machine Learning to Help Identify Gambling Addiction

August 3, 2013

This was a well-researched and interesting article that discusses in-depth how technology first used to detect fraud is now being utilized to study patterns of gamblers to identify early problems of addiction.   The technology has also been utilized in studying social gaming and how individuals are becoming ‘addicted’ to these games although they are not winning money.


New Florida Internet-Cafe Law Banning More Than What Was Intended?
August 3, 2013

After a raid in March that resulted in numerous arrests and closed down hundreds of Internet cafes, lawmakers hastily  passed a bill that is now causing some headaches.  The wording of HB 155 bill has already faced some court challenges to the legality and questioning of the phrasing in the bill and it would appear that the issue is not yet over.


Gilroy: Authorities Crack Down on Internet Cafes
August 2, 2013

Authorities shut down an Internet cafe in Gilroy, California after it was suspected that illegal gambling in the form on sweepstakes games were taking place.  For more on these Internet cafes, also read the latest Post here at Lanie’s Hope on Internet cafes.


Saturation of Gambling Opportunities in Northeast Creating Problems for States
July 27, 2013

The explosion and saturation of gambling opportunities in the Northeast since 2004 has created huge headaches for New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut.  Great article discusses how recent developments continue to challenge the industry and what impact this will eventually have on the surrounding states expanding gambling opportunities.


Iowa Woman Facing Criminal Charges for Failure to Pay Taxes on Embezzled Funds
July 27, 2013

Iowa woman found guilty of embezzling over four million dollars from her employer had already reached a settlement with them. but now she is  facing criminal charges for tax evasion and filing false tax returns.  Ironically, her employer feels that the casino is to blame for her current problems.


Casinos Benefit From a Gambler’s Hard-wiring
July 24, 2013

Amazing study conducted in Canada has found that “human beings expect to find pattern and rationality even in random situations” and that modern-day gamblers are driven by same decision-making paradigms as cavemen did to survive.


Rhode Island Ends Gambling Addiction Program
July 24, 2013

Due to lack of funding from the state’s Lottery Fund, Rhode Island has announced that it would be closing the doors of it’s treatment program for gambling addiction.   A program in operation for over 12 years, it has lost it’s funding source and as of July 1st had to begin turning away patients, right on the heels of a recent announcement that a new casino would be opening.



UPDATE to Previous Article Regarding Lack of Care in Rhode Island for Problem Gamblers
July 27, 2013

An update to previous story provides the background that was missing in the first article (July 24) which would indicate that hope is on the way.  There is a definite need for treatment services as a recent study conducted in Rhode Island indicated that there were “more than 13,000 senior adults in Rhode Island who may require risk reduction or treatment for problem gambling.”


Turfway Park (Kentucky) To Sponsor Free Training for Problem Gambling
July 23, 2013

Working with the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling, Turfway Park will host one of five training sessions across the state to help health professionals and racetrack, casino, and lottery personnel recognize and assist people whose interest in gambling has become a gambling problem.


Officials Heeding Gambling Warning

July 22, 2013

With more proposed casinos being opened in close proximity to Connecticut  local leaders are concerned that the percentage of problem gamblers could rise as much as 5%.   Massachusetts has already taken a very pro-active stance to address treatment for problem gamblers as well as a different approach to self-exclusion for problem gamblers.


Research to Target Women Gamblers
July 20, 2013

New research from the University of Lethbridge (Calgary, Canada) suggests that women with gambling problems may do better when they receive treatment in all-women groups.   The study also wanted to understand how females progressed from social gambling to problem gambling, as the majority of research studies focused primarily on males.


Kiosks Installed Reveal 50 Percent of Users Demonstrated Pathological Gambling Tendencies
July 15, 2013

Six new Responsible Gambling Information Kiosks were placed in Macau casinos as part of a two-level study conducted by several Macau agencies to provide supplemental information to patrons regarding responsible gambling.  It is hoped to eventually allow for self-exclusion and access to help hotlines for those that need additional help.  In just three months of placement, the six kiosks have provided some interesting and astonishing statistics.


US Lawmakers to Consider Two Bills Regarding Regulation of Online Gambling
July 13, 2013

Lawmakers in the US have two bills pending regarding online gambling with the big question being whether it is to be regulated at a federal level (offering more consistency, better consumer protection and safeguards against underage gambling) or to continue to allow states in a piecemeal fashion determine how and what will be offered online in their state.


Macau the New World Leader in Gambling Revenues
July 6, 2013

For many years, Nevada has been the number one destination for gamblers and consistently,  the leader in the gambling industry.   That is no longer the case, as Macau has now assumed the top spot.  But, can they hold that position as other countries continue to expand their gambling opportunities within their borders, not to mention the impact of Internet gambling?  What will be the impact for Macau’s revenues if three of the American operated casinos in Macau are found to have violated aspects of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act?


Farenkopf Retires from AGA
July 5, 2013

CEO and President of the American Gaming Association (AGA), Frank Farenkopf Jr., has retired, although he will continue to serve on a consultant basis to his succesor, George Freeman.  Farenkopf has been the titular head since 1995 when the AGA was formed, as well as the face of casino gambling in Washington DC.


Gambling Addiction Presents More Problems with Age
July 3, 2013

Fascinating study from Spain highlights the additional problems that older gamblers present when struggling with gambling problem, more so than younger people.


 Massachusetts Takes Pro-Active Stance to Tackle Problem Gambling
July 1, 2013

Mark Vander Linden, the former executive officer of Iowa’s Office of Problem Gambling Treatment, said the way Massachusetts will combat the problem is what brought him to his new position (Director of Research and Problem Gambling for the Massachusett’s Gaming Commission).  “The legislation that the governor and Legislature collaborated on singled out problem gambling as one of the most important issues that must be addressed.”


Can Regulation of Online Gambling Assuage Adelson’s Fears?
June 24, 2013

In a well written op-ed piece found at pokerfuse.com, the author illustrates point-by-point how all of Adelson’s arguments for banning online gambling can be said to argue the very reasons why online gambling should be regulated by government.



Gambling:   Is it a Pastime or an Illness? 
June 26, 2013

That is the question that University of Chicago professor, Jon Grant (psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience) is hoping to answer.  He was awarded a $400,000 grant as he embarks on a multiyear study to identify predictors of problem gambling.  Ultimately, his goal is to make addiction screening a part of the medical intake that doctors use during physical exams, much like they do for heart disease and diabetes.


Delaware Casinos To Get Bailout From the State
June 19, 2013

Three of Delaware’s casinos are in line to receive $8 million dollars from the state’s surplus fund in order to provide ‘relief’ and eliminate the need for layoffs or loss of jobs.   It would seem that the casinos are feeling the effects of the recent and rapid expansion of various forms of legalized gambling in neighboring states, resulting in a direct impact on visitors and revenues.


Online Gambling for Pennsylvania Looks Bleak

June 19, 2013

In spite of the widespread success of the gambling industry in the state, Rep. Tina Pickett is not comfortable with the idea of making gambling available in every Pennsylvania household.   The online gambling bill introduced by Rep. Tina Davis (D-Bucks) last April, under House Bill 1235, appears to have a bleak future in part due to the projected tax rate of more than 20 percent- a rate that far exceeds those in the states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.


The Neurology of Gambling Addiction
June 18, 2013

Medical scientists have recently isolated the D-2 receptor, commonly known as the “gambling gene”, as part of genetic engineering studies for treatment of gambling.

“The currently developing genetically-engineered retrovirus gene therapy will be able to re-programme the existing DNA of the affected individuals. This will make a considerable difference in the way a pathological gambler thinks and acts,”  Dr. Ashok Panagariya, Neurologist


Bill Eadington,Leader in Gambling Addiction Studies, Honored at Conference
June 6, 2013

The legacy of the late Bill Eadington, one of the University of Nevada, Reno’s longest-serving and most prolific professors, honored May 27-31at the 15th International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking, Las Vegas, NV.


DSM-5 Released May 21, 2013
The DSM-5 is here: What the controversial new changes mean for mental health care and gambling addiction


Casinos Brace for Impact of Internet Gambling
May 3, 2013

Ultimate Gaming, operating from Nevada opened their virtual ‘doors’ for business on April 29, 2013 which currently allows only for online poker games.   The rush is on for other states to follow Nevada and it appears that New Jersey and Delaware are pushing to get online gambling approved  in order to get in on the action and revenues that online gaming will bring to the table.  They hope to offer all of the same games that can be found in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino.   How will this impact those casinos with regard to foot traffic?


Nevada Legislature Approves Online Poker
February 12, 2013

Nevada’s legislation has passed the bill to approve online poker in a record seven hours and bill to be signed by Governor Sandoval without any  additional snafus.  This is newsworthy as this has previously been stopped in legislation by brick-and-mortar casinos, just as they have prevented a state lottery or participation in the mega-jackpots attracted with Powerball.


Internet Gambling Prevalent Topic at National Center for Resposible Gaming &G2E
October 3, 2012


Gambling Addiction Knows No Cultural Boundaries – China Post
August 20, 2012


Facebook Gambling App Ignites Controversy

August 8, 2012

Exploring the Neuroscience of Internet Addiction

July 20, 1012
The Atlantic explores the neuroscience of internet addiction; including gambling addiction.


Betable tests wagering on social games

July 10, 2012


Chicago Woman “Pays Ultimate Price” for Gambling Addiction

By Dawn Rhodes, Chicago Tribune reporter

June 21, 2012


“The Secret Addiction” 
UK Documentary on Problem Gambling and Youth

June 6, 2012

YouTube video by reporter Alexandra Jeffries on Problem Gambling and Youth in the UK


Psychiatric Manual May Soon Include “Gambling Disorder”

June 4, 2012
The proposed revisions to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, would add “gambling disorder” to alcohol and drug problems as a “substance use and addictive disorder” that insurers and others would use to make decisions about treatment and coverage.

Wide-ranging gambling bill clears Ohio Senate

May 9, 2012
A wide-ranging bill to bring order to Ohio’s gambling laws has cleared the state Senate.
The measure passed on a 29-3 vote on Wednesday. It makes dozens of changes to laws involving Ohio’s four new casinos, video lottery terminals, horse racing and other forms of gambling.


State shirking duty to help gambling addicts

Las Vegas Sun
April 23, 2012
The cut in funding comes at a time when compulsive gambling treatment advocates have completed a strategic plan for treating addicts. Bo Bernhard, executive director of UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, and Jeff Marotta, president of Portland, Ore.-based Problem Gambling Solutions (who paid his way to get here), explained that now that the plan is in place, there’s no way to implement it because of the lack of funding. Richard N. Velotta

Nevada Council on Problem Gambling recognizes Lanie’s Hope Founder

April 13, 2012
Shannon L. Bybee Award presented to Bea Aikens for Advocacy in the field of problem gambling awareness and education.

Pennsylvania Gambling Addiction Grows as Casinos Become More Prevalent
February 18, 2012
Video of one gambling addict in Cumberland County, PA. As the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prepares to open it’s 11th casino at Valley Forge, PA residents should be aware of the risks of addiction.

A One-Two Punch for Compulsive Gambling Services in New York?
February 2, 2012

New York State looks to add gaming  to solve budget woes after 2011 budget cuts mandated redcution of  services offered by 41 gambling addiction treatment programs and $2 MILLION in program cuts.

Statement of Keith S. Whyte, executive director National Council on Problem Gambling
United States House of Representatives
Oct. 25, 2011
http://www.ncpgambling.org/files/Advocacy/NCPG_Statement on Internet Gaming

Oppose Gambling Bill
Chicago Tribune
Nov. 9, 2011
The National Gambling Impact Study Commission estimated that approximately 15 million U.S. citizens have a gambling problem and/or are pathological gambling addicts. Their research shows that addiction rates double within 50 miles (an hour’s drive) of a casino.

Gambling one of the top 5 Most Expensive Addictions
Oct. 13, 2006

Professional Athletes and Gambling Addiction. Is there a correlation?
http://www.expertclick.com/NewsReleaseWire/In 12 years Antione Walker made more than 110 million


“High Stakes – The Rising Cost of America’s Gambling Addiction”
Sam Skolnik (Beacon Press 2011)
As access to gambling becomes more prevalent in the US, is the addiction now a two-way street? Are states getting hooked on the tax revenue generated by gambling?

CBS 60 Minutes Feature: Slot Machines. The Big Gamble
(CBS News)
Jan. 9, 2011; updated June 23, 2011

Study: More casinos, more gambling addicts
Aug. 7, 2011

A Universal Problem – Gambling in Ireland mirrors that of the U.S. with about 3-5 percent of the population succumbing to gambling addiction

Florida’s 2010 budget of $1 million reduced by almost 75 percent in 2011.
As legal gambling expands across the U.S., budgets for prevention, education and treatment continue to be cut.

Neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have pinpointed the exact locations in the brain where calculations are made that can result in addictive and compulsive behavior.

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