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The Root of the Problem

April 19, 2023Kathleen StimmelBlog0

“We bring ourselves into the light, and we see the truth; we hide from the light, because we do not want to see the truth. We cannot find the light when we do not know the truth; but we stay in the dark because we would rather not know the truth” – Anonymous

Each of us, when reviewing our life and the journey we are on, understands that the greatest challenge comes from within. The biggest difficulty, the most devastating enemy, is ourselves!

Have you ever struggled making progress in life? You have the tools, but you have no motivation in the least? Or maybe you do have the motivation, but you lack direction? Maybe, just maybe, you are at the lowest valley of life where you seem to lack both motivational fuel and a road map.

In all these circumstances and more, the mental outcome seems bleak. But that is not the truth being spoken.

What is the truth? That recovery, and the power within, are greater than the difficulty.

The root of the problem is you. But in like manner, you can understand the solution – because when it is found, look out world! Healing has begun.


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