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Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope – Sept 11, 2021

Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope- Sept 11, 2021 7:30AM, Bob Miller Middle School, 2400 Cozy Circle, Henderson, Nevada

Lanie's Hope Team Walks in Hope

Lanie’s Hope Walk Team

Lanie’s Hope’s proudly supports the Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope.  We walk to remember those who have been lost to suicide, to honor the family members and survivors, and to shine a light of hope for those who may be considering suicide. Compulsive Gamblers have the HIGHEST suicide rate of any group, with 1 in 5 compulsive gamblers considering or attempting suicide.

Let’s face it friends – the past year has been challenging on all fronts! Mental health issues have come front and center with the added stress of “social distancing”, loss of personal connection, for some loss of jobs or housing and, sadly for some loss of loved ones.

Our community will be walking  together to honor those we have lost and celebrate those attempt survivors who are such a vital part of the suicide prevention community!

The Walk in Memory/Walk for Hope is near and dear to my heart and I have been intimately involved in the Walk as well as sponsoring organization, the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention since my first walk experience in 2009 after we lost Lanie. This year, I will not be able to personally attend the walk as the pandemic impacted my living situation and we are currently “nomads”, traveling the country for a year by RV.  (That story is for another time…but trust me…God has turned a “challenge” into a BLESSING!  Still I know that Lanie’s Hope supporters and the Recovery Community are STRONG SUPPORTERS of the mission to reduce suicide. If you have a Lanie’s Hope T-shirt, please where it:)  If not, you can get a Prevent Suicide T-shirt at the walk.  What you wear is not important – showing your support matters!

God Bless you all and welcome back to the Walk in Memory/Walk for HOPE!

Bea Aikens
Aprile 21, 2021


I invite each of you to walk with us on Saturday, September 11, 2021 as we take suicide and gambling addiction out of the darkness and into the light.


Drop the Gun, Drop the Pills, Pick up the Phone!

May 10, 2013Bea AikensBlog1

May 10, 2012

DROP THE GUN. DROP THE PILLS. PICK UP THE PHONE! Over the past 10 days I have literally connected directly with four people suffering from gambling addiction who were at the brink of suicide. Thank the Lord they are all still with us and reaching out for RECOVERY! This disease that hijacks our brains and eradicates our souls also can be arrested with treatment and mutual aid groups, spiritual counsel, a friend who cares…there ARE “No wrong doors” …just enter one and RECOVER. Life is precious and the pain passes. Those in recovery from addiction are LIVING PROOF…RECOVERY is a reality for many and it can be for those who consider the ultimate choice.

Suicide seemed like the only way out from gambling addiction

Lost in my Gambling Addiction
Tammy P

November 12, 2012
I awoke in the hospital and l remembering looking over and seeing my son. I thought I was dead, because I had not seen him in over three months yet we live less than five miles from each other. Earlier that week all my lies had finally caught up with me. I hated myself and no longer wanted to live. I have only one child and had no relationship with him due to my gambling addiction. If I didn’t have him, I though, I have nothing. My gambling addiction was so out of control that I would look in the mirror and not even recognize myself. I was on high blood pressure medications because my blood pressure was so high due to the stress. I was lying, cheating stealing, whatever I could do to get the money to go and gamble and it was all coming to an end. I could not take the pressure of my actions. I had been found out by friends. My shame was so great. I needed an escape and I thought dying was the best solution.

I came home from my counseling appointment that day and decided I couldn’t do this anymore. I had no control over my gambling addiction. I wrote letters to my son and a few friends apologizing for my actions over the past few years. I remember thinking my son deserved a better mother than me. I thought he had a great wife and two beautiful children and he would be all right without me. I had hurt so many people in my life, some that do not even know yet about my addiction. I remember thinking before I closed my eyes on that day, after taking 110 pills that I was scared and I didn’t want to die. I thought it was too late. I had taken all those pills and I was going to die. I didn’t even get to tell my son I loved him, only through a letter. Well as I closed my eyes I felt I was finally going to get some peace, something I had not had in my life in a long time.
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A Compelling and Passionate Speaker
Bea Aikens couples her personal experience with extensive knowledge of the disease of compulsive gambling to build a compelling platform for civic, community and national organizations seeking knowledge and understanding of the disease of disordered gambling. To engage Bea for your upcoming event, contact her at
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