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I was seven.

I was a typical little boy. Seven is not that old, and is a time in life where a care in the world should be banished from anyone’s mind.

But it was not far from my mind. I was scared; I was nervous.

Because I had a speech impediment.

This brought about its share of challenges, but the one that bothered me most, might seem like a given in a situation like mine. It was the fact that the symptoms – the stuttering and inability to speak at times – never left. They were both constant and inconsistent, in that they were ever-present but could pop up randomly at any given moment and within any conversation.

It was frustrating. I wanted improvement; I wanted healing! I wanted it to be gone.

What I didn’t realize in that time, back when I was seven, was that true healing does not come from removal. Instead, it comes from perseverance.

I was to find relief from the worry and pain of my speech impediment through practice and speech therapy, through a maturing and growing mindset, and through the heart of a lion. God had a plan for me and He still does. Present Day, I perform public speaking frequently, and although sometimes there is a stutter and a slip-up, the difference remains in my mindset and motivation. Through perseverance, the healing came. And it is still here.

Seven is part of my story; one of healing, perseverance and faith. What is Your story of healing?

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