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Recognize and Learn

October 10, 2023Kathleen StimmelBlog0

Addiction is so difficult to overcome.

No matter the amount of time you put into recovery, health, and overcoming the challenges of gambling addiction, there is the part of you that knows deep down, that overcoming addiction is just simply too difficult for you. It is more than challenging; it is impossible.

And it is supposed to be.

We are often reminded of our own brokenness in life. But there is just something that is in full purpose with human suffering. It challenges, motivates, shapes and brings us to a point where we are confronted with our own inadequacy and change is necessary. It changers our lens and shows us that the world is bigger than just ourselves. In this, we find purpose, and motivation to impact others through our story. Our healing story.

We must recognize and learn from the very things that would drag us down. There is so much purpose and value found in such weakness that it must be embraced; for it is a core factor and critical part of the healing journey we are on.

How far from healing we remain, when we fail to even consider that others who have gone on the healing journey before us have persevered through difficulty! When we understand how essential our own weakness is, and how suffering produces endurance, which in turn produces character – when we understand these things, we are guided down the healing path.

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