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It’s Only a Penny Machine!

pfingers_and_pennyJune 18, 2013

The title says it all.  “It’s only a penny machine.  I don’t understand how I just blew another paycheck.”   Unfortunately, this refrain is heard throughout 12-step rooms around the country and not just from the grandmother type, but from all walks of life.  It’s true that it may be a penny machine, but many of these themed machines offer one the ability to play many pennies at a time or even change the denomination of the coin.   It is not just a penny that you are playing, but could be the maximum coin amount (which varies by machine) and all of a sudden, an individual is now playing maybe $2.50 a spin.  Furthermore, are the gimmicks and lights and bells that continuously ring when your machine has ‘won’, but in reality it may have only paid $.50 and you really just lost $2.00.    Another aspect to these machines are the ‘near wins’, which lead the gambler to believe that it is about to hit a large jackpot.   These penny machines found throughout the casinos are designed to keep the gambler entertained and glued to their seat much longer than with someone that may sit down at a blackjack table.   What can you do to combat the allure of the penny machine or to know if you may have a slot machine addiction?  An excellent article by Marilyn Lancelot discusses the 10 signs that you may have a slot machine addiction and can be found by clicking here.

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