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Veterans Stand Down Miracle

Veterans Stand Down

Veterans Stand Down

Last Week at the Veterans Stand Down in Las Vegas, God sent an angel to work a miracle!  I was capital B-Blessed to witness a beautiful interaction between two Veterans serving the community, and ultimately, each other.

If you’re not familiar with the Veterans Stand Down, it is hosted every year in Las Vegas to support Veterans in need of services – from employment, to clothing, to jobs…and everywhere in between.  I understand that “Stand Down” is a term used in battle.  When the front line military are battle-worn and tired, they are ordered to “stand down” for much needed rest as other troops take the lead.

In the case of this annual event, our local Las Vegas Veterans are provided basic needs like clothing, hygiene, dental care, and mental health services in addition to housing and employment.  I was there to staff a booth in support of Gambling Addiction Recovery….at least that’s why I was I thought I was there.   Now, I think God put me there simply to connect two souls who wouldn’t have otherwise connected. Read more →

Gambling Addiction Impacting our Service Men and Women

Today I was contacted by a concerned friend who’s loved one had recently returned from active duty service with a potential gambling problem.  More information is surfacing regarding Military Service Personnel suffering a greater incidence of disordered gambling than the general population.

For a compulsive gambler, there is no “choice.”  What may start out as recreation, crosses over into an emotional escape mechanism, to a mental health disorder recognized as such by the American Psychiatric Society since 1980.  Those suffering with Disordered Gambling are known to have the highest suicide rate of any other segment of society. Media reports continue to note the increased incidence of suicide among our returning Veterans.

Greater numbers of returning Vets, increased incidence of compulsive gambling coupled with PTSD and heightened suicide in our Military are cause for concern, vigilance on the part of family members and loved ones and self-awareness among our returning Veterans. Help IS available and Problem Gambling IS treatable. If you are suffering from a gambling addiction, please reach out to friends, self-help groups, professional counselors and support groups. Pick up the phone and dial 1-800-522-4700.


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