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Lanie's Hope

I Want to Believe

October 10, 2023Kathleen StimmelBlog0

I want to believe.

I want to believe that my healing is happening. The desire is there! The heart is willing, and the motivation is present.

So why has my haling not arrived? Why is there frustration, lack of progress, and pain?

I want to believe. But I am tired, weak, and struggling.


Isn’t this the story of so many people? It is all too common for men and women to be left feeling all alone during the healing journey. While this is not uncommon, it should not be accepted as the norm. The natural arena of healing is one that is grounded in accountability and friendship, rather than isolation.


So the remaining question is – are you one of these people? Are you wanting to believe, but you are in isolation? Are you    frustrated, feeling as if nothing is going your way? Does your healing seem clouded? Do not settle for that. Help, accountability, encouragement, assistance – all of these are available. But it must be said, these are all not just beneficial; they are necessary.  No one can experience and live in healing through the doorway of isolation. We need each other.

Do you believe in your healing story? Embrace the day, no matter the circumstances, and walk the journey. Healing awaits.

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