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How Can Employers Recognize a Gambling Problem?

July 30, 2012Bea AikensBlog0
And the BIGGER question is….what help can they offer employees with a gambling addiction?
July 29, 2012

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Responsible Gaming Education Week  – July 30th-August 3rd, 2012. I must admit there are times when I’ve been skeptical of the Gaming Industry’s involvement in the preeminent funding mechanism for research in disordered gambling, the NCRG (National Center for Responsible Gaming.)  Yes, there have even been times when I’ve gasped at NCRG-funded research espousing clinical findings of “Natural Recovery” in problem gambling; fearing compulsive gamblers may take this as a “free pass” to continue to gamble and await their own natural recovery, while continuing to devastate themselves and their families in anticipation of the miracle of natural recovery.

Today is not one of those days. Having just read the NCRG’s first volume of “Gambling and Health in the Workplace”, I have parked my skepticism; finding this publication to offer valuable information and resources for Employers and Human Resources professionals. The NCRG offers this resource at no charge at ncrg.org/gamblingandhealth
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