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Now I have to stop “ITS KILLING me”.

I have worked so hard for my money which is the reason why I got into the road of chasing a loss . I am 33 and never really gambled apart from November 2016 when my uncle gave me a football bet which won . After that day I have lost at least 45,000 maybe 50 . I tried to chase back a 100 pound bet which escalated into thousands and thousands . I have thought many of times to end my life but found I couldn’t do it because of my family I leave behind . I lost another 15 thousand today but self excluded myself from many online sites and the casino . Roulette has nearly wiped me out off this world . I could cry to think about my losses but I just need help . Thank you to the stories I have read because I cried thinking how alike I am to all of them . I need help because I feel if my life is over .

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  1. DonJune 9, 2017 at 12:06 pmReply

    How are you doing now? Life is never over as long as your heartbeat ticks. All the damage can and will be undone, if you, chase your recovery the same way us gamblers chase our losses.

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