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Nevada Problem Gambling Conference-Las Vegas May 5-6, 2016

Problem Gambling Conference

Nevada Conference on Problem Gambling

The 10th Annual Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling brings together diverse experts and stakeholders to address the impact of this significant community health issue on the people of Nevada. Their  goal is to increase awareness, enhance professional knowledge and skills, and empower our communities to help reduce the impact of problem gambling through Prevention, Education, Treatment, Recovery and Research.

Nevada State Conference On Problem Gambling 2016

Lanie’s Hope is honored to co-present the session “In their own words.”   Using  actual journal entries from compulsive gamblers in recovery, we will explore the impact of journaling as a tool for addiction recovery and mental health. Many in recovery lean on journaling as a tool to process thoughts and feelings.  The act of journaling  helps those in recovery  “pause” and get in touch with their feeling rather than acting out the urge to gamble. Promoted by many clinicans as an effective therapeutic tool, this presentation offers a rare glimpse into the recovering gambler’s most private thoughts and the personal journey of journaling as a path to self awareness.

I am so excited to be co-presenting with Rick Smith at the problem gambling conference.  Rick is a Certified Problem Gambling Counselor. He is also a great friend to Lanie’s Hope and the recovery community. Rick brings a unique perspective to this presentation as both a clinician and a person in long-term recovery,  We anticipate an interactive presentation and encourage group participation. By providing a glimpse into the very personal process of recovery through the words, thoughts and feelings of compulsive gamblers in recovery, it is our hope that this presentation will expand understanding of compulsive gambling and the powerful process of self discovery in recovery.  We do not have to “see” the gambler in recovery to “hear” them ….in their own words. We are grateful to those who have courageously shared their personal journal entries, from early days to years into recovery, to further Lanie’s Hope Mission of “humanizing and illuminating the disease of compulsive gambling.”


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