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Cleaning Up

March 22, 2023Kathleen StimmelBlog0

Have you ever done a spring cleaning?

It’s amazing right? No, I’m not talking about the the unused items we have to sift through, the trash that is long overdue to be put in the trash can, or the effort that it takes to actually finish the project.

None of this is what I am referring to.

What I am referring to is the end result.

The fully clean, spotless, downsized and finished product. It is amazing! It makes me feel good, accomplished, and if I’m honest, proud of myself. This is what a task well-done ensures us. None of this is because of the difficult measures that must be taken. It is simply because of the result; a well-cleaned room.

Now imagine your life; the lifestyle you lead, your hopes and dreams, and the choices before you.

Is it a well-cleaned room? Or is it in need of some spring cleaning?

Remember, the difficulties of your life do not define you. Instead, view them as part of the cleaning process. Push through them and gain progress slowly but surely. Life is not easy, but progress can be made, areas cleaned up, and forgiveness given. Have faith, take heart, and fully look to the finished product of your life: the clean room.

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