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What is a “Recovery-Oriented” System of Care?

That’s the question I asked myself as I read of the Iowa Department of Public Health’s recovery support systems.  What “system of care” wouldn’t be “recovery-oriented?” I asked with more than a bit of sarcasm.  As I read more, and delved into the Iowa State’s resources for problem gambling, I checked my cynicism and came away with respect for this state’s efforts to address a growing public health issue – Gambling Addiction.

Promotional materials  stated that “only 12-15% of those with Pathological Gambling seek formal treatment..”  Well of course I thought!  By the time a gambling addiction brings someone to their knees, they have no money, are out of resources and besides,  most insurance providers don’t even cover treatment.  Kudos to Iowa for addressing this and other issues facing gambling addicts seeking help. Recovery support services in the state include housing assistance, help with utility bills  and provision of essentials such as gas cards so that  gambling addicts seeking treatment can get to a recovery meeting or counseling. The Iowa Department of Public Health’s gambling addiction resources are available at  1800betsoff.org/what_to_expect.html

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