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Recovering Gambler concerned about internet gambling

I was watching Huckabee Saturday night and there was a Senator on urging folks to write to your rep to stop legalization of internet gambling, here is my letter. I encourage all to do the same Here is the web site:

I am a recovering compulsive gambler and I am writing to urge you to restore the US policy banning Internet gambling in order that the destructive effects of this devastating emotional illness does not have a conduit to dismantle families like the one I had prior to my gambling addiction.

The compulsive gambler many times doesn’t even realize they are in the grips of this crippling addiction and now it’s up to you to eliminate internet gambling and help save the families of your constituents, prevent underage gambling, reduce the destruction caused by problem gamblers, and other illegal activity which is virtually impossible to enforce on the Internet.

Please consider the implications of setting up a casino on every computer in America. Allowing internet gambling to continue would be like allowing cancer to go untreated, or other diseases to be left to run their destructive course.

Internet gambling sites target the young, the elderly, and allows for the vulnerable to be targeted by criminal minded individuals which will serve only to further bankrupt individuals monetarily and morally. Most individuals who will engage in this activity are those folks who have a compulsive disorder and do not understand why they continue gambling. Left to their own devises they will destroy the family assets and as a result they will devastate the family unit which will lead to homelessness and broken homes.

Please, I beg of you, pass legislation to restore the Wire Act and stop states from expanding Internet gambling before our country has an epidemic that will only lead to more problems for our citizens who suffer from this compulsive illness.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing your vote on this very important issue.


James D.

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