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Gambling Addiction Documentary

Maryland Public Television and the Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling present an exceptional Gambling Addiction Documentary in “Understanding Joy.”

Gambling Addiction Documentary

Don’t let the name fool you…there’s nothing “Joyful” about a gambling addiction. “Joy W.” shares her personal struggles with gambling addiction and the ramifications of  acting out in her disease. Joy’s gambling addiction lead her to actions she would have never thought herself capable of doing. In her words, “It’s like my brain was hijacked.”  I have heard this and similar declarations like “I can’t believe I did those things” or “It felt like I was in a trance”  from others with a gambling addiction.

In furtherance of her gambling addiction, Joy  embezzled from her employer, considered suicide and is now dealing with the legal consequences of her actions. Maryland PBT should be commended for assembling some of the most respected experts in the study of the science of gambling addiction, as well as  treatment and legal professionals.  Joy’s story is presented fairly and honestly. She takes full responsibility for her actions, and yet a sense of compassion comes through as the moderator and experts explain that Joy’s actions were done as a result of a disease which the American Psychiatric Association recognizes in the same category as alcoholism and drug addiction.

As one expert put it, ‘Understanding and treatment of gambling addiction is probably twenty years behind understanding and treatment of those with other addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction.’  This one-hour documentary will resonate with those who suffer with a gambling addiction and their family members, and offers valuable insight for  health care professionals and public policy makers.  “Understanding Joy” shines a light on what is all too often the “hidden addiction.”

Follow the link below to view “Understanding Joy”


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